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Silver Cross Fizz

Cheapest price is £95.00 from John Lewis!

Firmly in the lightweight category of pushchairs, the Fizz is a snazzy model from renowned manufacturers Silver Cross.

Weighing in at just over 5kg, the Silver Cross Fizz is just what you need if you are looking for a stroller that isn't too bulky but will still turn other mum's heads.

If you spend a lot of your life hopping from bus stop to bus stop, the excellent manoeuvrability of the Fizz will make your life a lot easier, it is the perfect buggy for urban mums, although if you are planning on frequent visits to less forgiving surfaces you might want to consider an all-terrain alternative.

In terms of storage, the Silver Cross Fizz fares well, with an easy-to-reach basket that wont break your back, and if your Little Sir or Madam melts some Milk Buttons on the seat, the fabric is easy to wash and fit.

All purchases of the Fizz come with a hood and rain cover as standard.

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Silver Cross Fizz Best Price

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